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including Harriot, Harriott, Herriot, Heriot, Harriett, Herritt, Hariot, Hereot . . .

The Herriott Heritage Association (HHA), a non-profit organization in the United States of America, sponsors this website. The HHA is a worldwide surname organization not limited to a single related family but to all families with the Herriott surname and its many variant spellings. Information is presented on our HHA Organization, Surname Project, family genealogies, reunions and publications.

In 2006, we started the Herriott Surname Project which uses DNA testing to further establish our roots and relationships among the various "Herriott" branches. The project has been very successful not only in aiding our genealogical research but in breaking new ground by being first to have DNA evidence accepted as part of the documentation for DAR membership and by developing a technique using Y-DNA results to construct a 1500-year family tree.

There are no dues for the HHA and everyone who is a Herriott descendant (any of its variant spellings), whether or not they still carry the Herriott name itself, are considered members of the HHA. All members are encouraged to become active by any of a variety of ways including contributing to the genealogical research, subscribing to the Herriott Herald Newsletter, making contributions to the HHA fund, attending reunions, etc.

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