2018 Reunion in Columbus

The 2018 Reunion was held in Columbus, Ohio on August (Aug 3-5, 2018). This reunion was quite special, because it was scheduled to coincide with two regional reunions within the John F Herriott line. John Foreman Herriott (1745-1801) is the youngest son in the family of David Herriott (Jr.) whose children define the major lines of the New Jersey Herriott family in America. Two of John F. Herriott's great-great-great-grandsons settled in Ohio. One was Lee Norris Herriott (1883-1961) and the other was Scott Houston Herriott (1886-1958). In the case of both Lee and Scott, the children and grandchildren would get together for a summer family reunion. The grandchildren continue those two traditions by holding reunions that now include the greatgrandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of Lee (around Delaware, Ohio) and Scott (near Reynoldsburg, Ohio). Particpants of each of these reunions in the Columbus area were invited to join our national reunion.

The reunion was held at the Days Inn Columbus Airport, Columbus, Ohio. Registration was on Friday afternoon. Then everyone got together for Weclome and Introductions followed by the charity auction on Friday evening. Thanks to Lonn Herriott for being our auctioneer. The auction turnout was very good, raising about $1000. The Saturday morning session at the hotel included talks by President Scott Herriott and Historian Ray Harriot related to our genealogy research including our use of DNA testing. Then many in attendance participated in a "play" Scott Herriott wrote, titled "A Tale of Two Families." It highlighted the Lee Norris Herriott and Scott Huston Herriott families of the "John F" line and their migration from New Jersey to Ohio. It was well received and enjoyed by all. Saturday afternoon we had an excursion to the nearby Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Saturday closed out with a banquet dinner at the 94th Squadron Restaurant. We had our traditional interdominational worship service Sunday morning followed by the board meeting which was open to everyone.

Gary Goodwin, as he had done for several recent HHA reunions and activities, has posted his pictures from this 2018 Reunion in a photoshow (slideshow). Gary has also provided a link to flickr where the individual photos can be viewed and downloaded at the resolution you choose. You may be required to sign in to flickr. Registration is free and sign-in can be done through yahoo.com. Eliza Rust has also provided a video of the Herriott Skit (m4v format, very large 2.3 gb file) performed at the reunion. We thank Gary and Eliza for sharing.