Herriott Herald Newsletter

The Herriott Heritage Association (HHA) publishes a newsletter twice each year, June and December. It gives information on a variety of subjects including up-coming reunions, general and Herriott specific genealogy research, goings-on in the clan, etc. An example newsletter is included for your perusal (note: this download is a large pdf file, 3.6 meg).

The Herriott Herald may be ordered for $15.00 for one calendar year or $25.00 for two calendar years for the paper version delivered by the USPS. We believe you will enjoy this publication.

Electronic Version: Since most people now have high speed internet, we have an electronic version of the Herriott Herald available to those who would rather have it delivered to their computer mail box. This has several advantages. (1 It's cheaper for you! We have priced the electronic version at $10.00 per calendar year. (2) It's cheaper for us. We save the cost of printing, envelopes, and postage. (3) You receive it quicker. It no longer has a Post Office-induced delivery delay. (4) You get the Herald in living color. Printed versions are gray-scale.

Please see the subscription form for details. We also welcome any donations you may wish to make.

Past copies of the Herald from 1985 to 2015 are contained on the Herriott Heritage Association DVD.