HHA Publications

The following items are available from the HHA and are a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in their Herriott/Harriot (and other variant spellings) heritage. The proceeds help promote family research. We are indebted to Ray Harriot, our Historian, for these items.

The Herriott Heritage Association 2015 DVD. This latest DVD is a must for any Herriott/Harriott/Harriot family wanting to learn about their family roots… or extend the research that has been done by the HHA. It contains a great amount of information. Order Form.

  • Family Genealogies
    • NJ Herriotts/Harriots and other variant spellings; descendants of David Herriott; over 73,000 people; in GEDCOM, Family Tree Maker (ftm) and pdf formats (pdf file is 5456 pages)
    • South Carollina Heriots(pdf format)
    • Belfast Line (pdf format)
    • Associated Families
    • Australian Heriots
    • Herriotts of England
    • Edouard Herriot of France
    • Herriots of Canada
    • Herriots of California and Ontario, Canada
    • Herriots of the United States
    • Herriotts of Pennsylvania
    • Wisconsin Herriots
    • Harriotts of New York
  • Information on the Herriott Heritage Association
  • The Herriott Surname Project (Y-DNA) description and results
  • Herriott Herald Newsletters from inception in 1985 to 2015
  • HHA Reunions
  • Ray Harriot's Scottish Research (Ray has done much research including correcting some earlier research; see book Beyond Trabroun)
  • Wills (Scottish and United States)
  • Useful Old Books about Heriots
  • Pension Files
  • Tombstone Photos
  • Compiled by Ray Harriot. The cost is $50.00. Order Form.

    The book Beyond Trabroun by Ray Harriot contains all you would ever want to know regarding Scotland and the Heriot families from 1400 to 1700. Now you can understand the trials and tribulations that your ancestors went through that shaped them as individuals. The book also corrects numerous errors that were included in Ballingall's Heriots of Trabroun and have been propagated through the years. (320 pages) The cost is $40.00. Order Form.

    The book Perspectives: the Heriot and Herriott Families of South Carolina by Ray Harriot is the most comprehensive book available on the history of the South Carolina Heriot/Herriott families, detailing the history of the Heriot plantation owners and their slaves. It takes a look at them as together they survived some of the most tumultuous times in American history. (320 pages) The cost is $40.00. Order Form.

    They Were Patriots The Herriott Heritage Association has compiled a new CD with the hopes that members will use it to expose younger family members to history and possibly get them interested in genealogy and learning about their heritage. The CD is titled They Were Patriots and takes a look at the early conflicts of our nation through the eyes of our ancestors who fought in them. The conflicts start with the Revolutionary War and end with the War of 1812. All of our known Herriott/Harriott ancestors who participated in these conflicts are listed along with the details of their lives. The CD also contains the documentation proving their service and much documentation to help prove your ancestry if you, or someone in your family, wanted to apply for membership in a heritage association such as the Daughters of the American Revolution. We hope you would support the organization by purchasing a CD for each of your children and/or grandchildren. They should find it very educational. The cost is.$25.00. Order Form.

    The Herriott Herald Newsletter The Herriott Heritage Association publishes a newsletter twice a year. It gives information on a variety of subjects including up-coming reunions, general and Herriott specific genealogy research, goings-on in the clan, etc. The cost is only $15 for a calendar year or $25 for two calendar years for a paper copy (hardcopy). An electronic copy that is emailed to you is only $10 per calendar year and is in color (Paper copy is grayscale). See the newsletter page.